It takes all of us to build the kind of community for which we all hope.

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If we work together, we can promote change in our community.

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Volunteers are needed every day in our community and you can help!

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Stand up for what you believe in.

What does it mean to advocate? It's a power that we all have. It's standing up for others and what you believe in your heart. It can be championing a cause, or simply not being silent. Living united means finding your voice and joining it with others. Change is possible. United, we will be heard.

One of the easiest ways to be an advocate - vote! Exercise your right and use your voice to help elect the future decision makers in our community and our country.

In 2009 the United Way, in conjunction with Ontario County Government and other not-for-profit organizations conducted a county-wide needs assessment to identify and prioritize the needs in our community. Over 1,500 of you voiced your opinions.

In 2011 the United Way conducted a Youth Survey to update and confirm priority needs for youth in Ontario County.