It takes all of us to build the kind of community for which we all hope.

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If we work together, we can promote change in our community.

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Volunteers are needed every day in our community and you can help!

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Our Mission is to magnify and focus the power of community resources to address our most
pressing social needs. 

We invest dollars in quality programs that make a measurable difference for people in need in our community.  We are committed to providing a safety net of emergency services to help people in times of crisis, along with programs that support kids, families, seniors and people with disabilities.

Student Readiness and Success: Providing students quality programs that extend support
beyond the school day including school holidays and summer vacation.
Strengthening People and Families: Supports programs designed to promote strong people and families, independence, support healthy child development and minimize the risk for child abuse and neglect.
Supporting People in Crisis: Provides support to programs that give relief to those in crisis.

The United Way of Ontario County’s Community Fund is the single largest and most integrated community-based resource to address our most daunting human service challenges. It provides critical funds to 40 programs serving over 45,000 people in Ontario County.