It takes all of us to build the kind of community for which we all hope.

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If we work together, we can promote change in our community.

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Volunteers are needed every day in our community and you can help!

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Your donation to United Way of Ontario County goes to help people right here in your local community. This means that your donation is making a local impact for friends, colleagues and neighbors who need assistance. All of the programs funded by United Way are locally run and benefit people in Ontario County.

It takes all of us working together to build the kind of community for which we all hope, and it takes your gift to United Way’s community Fund to help make that happen. A gift to United Way's Community Fund is united and powerful, joining with the generosity of your friends, family and co-workers to ensure the necessary resources are there to make a real difference to people in need. In 2013 - take the CNB Challenge for Children (click on the Ontario County Brochure to learn more.)

Join together to accomplish what no single person can....LIVE UNITED.